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This program is a sound fiction in which we have stolen the words from the most famous arias dedicated to Farinelli to reduce them to their essence: music.
Unique and unpublished transcriptions that shed new light on the mystery of Farinelli's famous voice.
#ElViolindeFarinelli has been awarded the Sello Festclasica Award 2023

evensong: the british vespers

A number of songs from the tradition of the service are presented by an international team - the Capella Cracoviensis choir, the English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble and Tercia Realidad.

The fruits of the work of many sixteenth-century english composers are contained in this programme, including Thomas Tallis, William Byrd and Robert White. These works have been properly arranged and presented together constituting an undoubted whole, allowing the audience to experience a real evensong.


Duende is a programme in which the most exquisite music of the 16th and 17th centuries merges with the most intense rhythms and dances of flamenco. A selection of music arrangements from Santiago de Murcia, Gaspar Sanz, Scarlatti, Soler merge with percussion, flamenco rhythms and improvisations that will transport the public to a beautiful and elaborate flamenco tablao. The program is made up of a flamenco dancer, a baroque violin, a baroque guitar and historical percussion, all performed with original instruments from the time the music was composed, in order to achieve the most authentic sound possible.

delirious love

In Delirious Love, star soprano Sophie Junker joins Tercia Realidad for a programme of Handel and Purcell.

The fruit of love

Storyteller Joy has rewritten an ancient tale called the Weeping House into our “The Fruit of Love”, a tale of love & hope with everything a tale needs: sad moments, action moments, happy moments, romantic moments and music! we have woven it to the amazing Four Seasons and pieces by Holborne and early Celtic tunes to give the tale the best soundtrack ever.

Musick for Mr Shakespeare's Plays

The wonderful soprano Julia Doyle joins us to perform music by Purcell and Locke inspired or composed for plays by Shakespeare: "The Tempest" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream", 

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